All of our quality environmental products are

• made in Canada
• free of phosphates
• free of petroleum solvents
• free of NTA, EDTA
• free of Chlorine
• free of dyes and perfumes (Non Scented and Hypo-Allergenic)
• free any ingredients that are environmentally threatening
• biodegrade quickly in the environment, without harmful residues
• ideal for those who are chemically sensitive
• safe & recommended for use in septic systems
• bulk sizes available, please contact us for details

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Liquid Laundry Detergent
is formulated with an extremely effective biodegradable detergent.
Leaves clothes free of residues and odours
suitable for all fabrics
Certified by Ecologo

Sizes available & approximate loads per container:
750ml (16 loads)
4L (64 loads)
All Purpose
A little goes a very long way! A concentrated cleaner requiring up to 1/100 dilution, with water, prior to use. Terrific for cleaning large areas such as floors, walls or carpets. Free rinsing to give a spot free surface. Terrific as a boat wash!
Certified by Ecologo
Sizes available : 750ml, 4L
Dishwashing Liquid
for handwashing dishes, glasses, pots and pans.
leaves no film or residue
efficiently removes grease and baked-on food

Sizes available : 750ml, 4L
Cream Cleanser
is a smooth emulsion of natural abrasive and cleaning solution.
rapid and effective
excellent for porcelain, tiles, counter tops and other hard-to-clean surfaces.
eliminates grease and scum from tubs, showers, basins and appliances.
Certified by Ecologo.

Size available: 500mL
Liquid Hand & Body Wash
leaves skin feeling soft and clean, even after repeated use.
prepared from select soaps and emollients.
ideal for washing hands or for use as a total body wash
Perfect for use in the washroom and the kitchen.

Sizes available : 4L
Rust & Mineral Buildup Remover
removes unsightly stains caused by iron deposits and mineral buildup.
Easy to use
Makes toilets, tubs and sinks white again.
Excellent for any rust stain, anywhere!
Great for water softeners too!

Size available: 900 g
Holding Tank Treatment
For Boats & RV's
Eliminates Odours, Cleans Level Sensors, Liquefies Waste for Easy Draining
Ideal for both Black & Grey Water Tanks, Contains no Toxic Chemicals
Safe for Septic Systems, Accepted at all Dump Stations

Approximately 25 treatments per 226 g container!
Septic System & Drain Treatment
EcoEthic Septic Treatment contains all the necessary and beneficial bacteria that digest waste in the septic tank, helping prevent harmful solids from entering the tile field. Ordinary household cleaners, soaps and chemicals can overload and damage our septic systems. EcoEthic Septic System Treatment is a complete blend of natural bacteria which digests organic waste.
Eliminates Odours & Solids Build up, Bacteriological Formula helps keep Tank and Leach Field Clean.
Easy Monthly Treatments at less than $6 per month.
Commercial Quality Recommended by Industry Professionals Since 2001

Sizes available: 1.14kg (apply 1 year supply.
BioSurge for Outhouses

Stinky Outhouse? Not anymore. EcoEthic BioSurge eliminates odour leaving you to enjoy your weekend. BioSurge for Outhouses provides effective odour control without the use of fragrance or harsh chemicals. Non-toxic & biodegradable formula.

Natural organic blend reduces solids & odours
For pit toilets & outhouses
Concentrated Formula

Sizes available: 1L & 3.78L


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