EcoEthic’s commercial division specializes in difficult to treat wastewater, biological odour control and sewage systems dealing with food service. 

Utilizing advanced and proven bioaugmentation technology, EcoEthic Inc. has been providing effective solutions for existing wastewater treatment systems for over 25 years to attain an improved standard of on-site treatment.

Recommended by Professional Engineers, Environmental Technicians, Home/Septic Inspectors, Plumbers, Septic Service Providers and Facility Operators.

EcoEthicPRO Commercial Wastewater Formulations are used by many facility types including:

  • Children’s Camps
  • RV Parks
  • Manufactured Home Communities
  • Resorts & restaurants
  • Golf Courses
  • Municipalities
  • Provincial and National Parks
  • Decentralized Subdivisions
  • Sewage Lagoons


Odour Control

To control odours we eliminate the formation of sulfides and hydrogen sulfide gas. By breaking down sulfides using specific microbes, we can effectively eliminate odours from the infrastructure and all the components in a collection or wastewater treatment system.

Increased System Performance

EcoEthicPRO high strength microbial formulations increase the ability of treatment systems to degrade organic material in a timely fashion resulting in lower BOD, TSS, TKN, and nitrate levels.  Reduces surface solids and bottom sludge. 

EcoEthicPRO concentrated liquid culture consortium is made of 12 select vegetative microorganisms with a specification of 500 million microorganisms /mL.

Leach Field Recovery

EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation technology provides a natural recovery process to gain back percolation capacity, flow recovery, and increase leach field life.

Commercial Bioaugmentation

For onsite sewage systems, our concentrated liquid culture consortium restores biological activity, reduces surface and bottom solids. Eliminates odours, lowers BOD & TSS & FOG.

Grease Control

Food service contributes a great deal of FOG (fats, oils & greases) to wastewater treatment & collection systems. FOG is very difficult to degrade, as a result it builds-up causing problems. EcoEthicPRO treatment regimes effectively increase the ability of onsite systems to break down and digest FOG resulting in cleaner and more efficient treatment.

Covid-19 Impacts on wastewater treatment:

With increased use of antiviral cleaners and an increase in overall cleaning within facilities, sewage treatment is negatively impacted.  Bioaugmentation will to a great extent, overcome the negative effects of increased chemical usage within facilities.

For more information please email or contact us at: 1-888-436-3996

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